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Built in 1915, 312 Gordon Avenue is celebrating its 100th birthday this year!
A true American foursquare,.

312 Gordon


“I read “Gone With the Wind” in my early teens one summer in Nebraska where I grew up. I never imagined I would ever live in Atlanta, just down the Street so to speak from where Margaret Mitchell penned her Opus.

My house on Elmira was built in the 1920’s. For the last almost 30 years the previous owner used it principally for storage. It was a wreck. I have lived in many houses in many places and have never wanted to build one. But the opportunity presented itself and gave me a chance to try a “house” with out walls.

The design and implementation was a family affair. Son Benno and daughter in law Ruth, my neighbors, helped and guided the ‘ground up’ work we decided to do. The downstairs bathroom was designed by Chicago daughter-in-law Bonnie. The finished product provides a studio living arrangement where I paint and enjoy day by day living.

The southern life can get warm at times, and the weather unpredictable for this old mid-western gal but the southern hospitality will never loose its charm.”

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